The following gallery contains images which may be considered offensive to some people, you must read before entering.

The images in this gallery contain nudity, blood and raw meat which is in the form of a cow head. So you have been warned.

Jenner is an artist and performs in a group called the AMF, a majority of their perfomances are based on these elements.

I believe in the rights of an artist, and freedom of speech and expression.

The elements contained are not meant to depict any type of violence or ritualistic act, nor are they sexual in nature. Simply elements combined to create art and Jenner is that, an artist.

Having read the above information, you may click to enter, by your entry you are stating you wish to view such images are a legal adult and within your local laws to enter this gallery.


If you feel this gallery is not what you wish to view, I hope you enjoy the rest of the galleries on this website.

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